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  • Is the UK Trade Association for vehicle recyclers, dismantlers, salvage agents & associated companies
  • Was founded in 1943
  • Represents the interests of members to UK & EU Government/ regulators & other industry sectors
  • Provides advice & guidance to members
  • Encourages professionalism in order to:
    • Give confidence to ‘consumers’ (public, trade, other businesses) that its members are operating legally & that offered products & services meet certain standards
    • Protect the environment
  • MVDA membership is open to companies of all sizes, from owner-operators to national multi-site & international businesses:
    • Vehicle dismantlers, salvage agents, metal recyclers
    • Companies associated with the industry (auction houses, recovery operators, body shops, equipment suppliers, service providers etc.)

MVDA members must comply with Association requirements inc. Code of Practice and have all legal requirements in place.

With Consumers

Requiring that services & products offered by members meet the demands & expectations of consumers & legislation

Provide a means of communication between consumer & industry

Build confidence in members

Highlighting new business opportunities

With Government & Europe

Making sure new legislation affecting the industry is both practical and effective;

Providing feedback on legislation introduced to help government check that its aims are being realised, particularly where unintended consequences negatively impact legitimate businesses

With the Environment

Requiring all members to meet all of their legal environmental responsibilities, particularly pollution prevention & recycling

Promoting the best possible type of recycling, by encouraging re-use of vehicle parts, through improved standards of quality & service, and the of technological advances in marketing & sales

With industry

Working with other business & industries within the UK & across Europe to ensure consistency in EU legislation, highlight cross-industry and cross-border knowledge, procedures, problems and opportunities