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Benefits of Membership

For just over £1 per day you can have the following benefits all year round

MVDA membership is open to companies of all sizes, from owner-operators to national multi-site & international businesses: 

  • Vehicle dismantlers, salvage agents, metal recyclers
    Companies associated with the industry (auction houses, recovery operators, body shops, equipment suppliers, service providers etc.)

MVDA members must comply with Association requirements including the Code of Practice and have all legal requirements in place.

To join the MVDA, download the membership application form and fill in as much detail as you can.  All of the information you provide to us is treated and confidential and none is passed on to any 3rd party.  If you need a paper copy of the application form sent to you contact the office. Please feel free to contact the office if you need any assistance.  We are here to help.

Free Telephone Advice Service

MVDA staff are ‘at the end of the phone’ to assist you with any queries you might have about legislation, permitting, Health & Safety, recycling targets, technical competence, consumer protection, illegal operators, training etc.  Decades of experience in the metals and dismantling industries at your fingertips!  MVDA staff are widely respected for their knowledge of relevant legislation, by recyclers & government alike

Site Insurance Schemes

MVDA can provide advice & assistance in both obtaining insurance & reducing the costs through minimisation of risks.  MVDA has special arrangements with a number of major insurers/ brokers that provide insurance cover for our industry

UK & European Government Representation

MVDA is the conduit for the flow of information to and from Government, both UK and European; the means by which our members are warned of new legislation or changes to existing legislation; and the means by which we let Government know the practical implications of these changes to our members and the industry as a whole. MVDA represents professional businesses that recognise their responsibilities.  We will not try to defend the indefensible, but we work hard to ensure that our member’s interests are protected

The major legislative changes that affect our businesses today are the result of European Directives and through the MVDA’s membership of EGARA (European Group of Automotive Recycling Associations) we are able to provide input both at the European Commission level and at European Parliament level.  This input is vital to both the future of our industry & your business

Industry Training Schemes

Information about & access to training schemes for vehicle recyclers, including Technical Competence, Health & Safety, Airbags, Part Worn Tyres, Fuel recovery etc.

Quarterly Magazine

Delivered to you, by e-mail or on paper, every quarter and giving you the latest information about the Industry, legislation, new equipment, and much more.  Back copies archived in the ‘members’ section of the website

Representation on the MVDA Website & Social Media

Your company and contact details listed on the MVDA website with details of the services you offer to customers. And exposure through MVDA social media

Access to the ‘Members-Only’ Section of the MVDA Website

Updated every week with latest information on a wide range of subjects affecting our industry, technical guidances, MVDA presentations & consultation responses and a wide range of documents available to download

Recent MVDA milestones

Drained oil filters

Following a study conducted by the MVDA on the oil content of drained and crushed oil filters, the Environment Agency agreed that they would no longer be treated as hazardous waste and could be disposed of in the car shell

consignment charge for ELVs

MVDA successfully convinced the Environment Agency that compliance with the requirement to use consignment notes for undepolluted ELVs would be much higher if the £15 charge/ note was removed

Re-use of airbags

MVDA commissioned a highly respected consultant to look objectively at the issues surrounding the reuse of airbags. The resulting report, testing equipment & training course are all now available

Shock Absorbers

Many members complained about the unnecessary destruction of perfectly reusable shock absorbers as a result of depollution. And MVDA agreed; intact shock absorbers represent a negligible pollution risk. So MVDA undertook a detailed study & sent it to Government. And now Government agrees. See the full report in the members section.